The Global Partnership Summit (GPS) is a manifestation platform to integrate ideologies, ideas, initiatives, projects, processes, people and policies together by sharing the knowledge, expertise and resources along with Global Partners towards a common objective of establishing an Alternative Development Model (ADM) framework. Through core values such as cooperation, collaboration and inclusivity, GPS aims to establish models of development, which focus on empowerment and sustainability. The GPS converges the needs of today into the viability of tomorrow, thus becoming a formidable platform to take forward the mission of all encompassing, holistic development framework.

The Global Partnership Summit endeavors to evolve the Old Development Model, which has now become saturated, into the Alternative Development Model, by changing the rules of development and taking an approach in which energy efficiency, environmental responsibility and sustainability become the center and crux of development, thus empowering and integrating, both, the haves and the have-nots. With the success of the India Japan Global Partnership Summit 2011 and Global Partnership Summit 2017, GPS 2020 is envisaged as a manifestation platform for various Alternative Development Model (ADM) Systems in areas such as infrastructure, energy, healthcare, mobility and urban- living. The GPS promises to Dream, Design, Discuss, Decide, Drive and Derive solutions for the challenges of a new socio-economic framework with policy makers, opinion leaders, business leaders, media and academicians by creating a ‘Micro Road Map for the Macro Vision’ that exists in the form of Global Partnership.


  • To stimulate the economies of Global Partners by scaling projects through new socio-economic frameworks based on ADM
  • To develop a multi-faceted relationship among the Global Partners princples of RME & EES
  • To provide a one stop platform that helps the process of interaction between policy makers, academicians, business leaders and opinion leaders from across the Global Partners
  • To generate awareness by bridging the huge information gap existing between the Global Partners
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African Development Organization

AFDO is an initiative of Alternative Development Organization –ADO designed to shift current operating system of Africa from old model of exploitation to new model of empowerment. It enables the people of Africa to take charge of their future by designing and implementing their own operating system which is based on the principle of Environment Responsibility, Energy Efficiency, and Sustainability (EES).

Objectives of AFDO

  • Working towards achieving ADM ideology based socio-economic growth in every new sector in Africa.
  • Bringing new technological advancement that helps tackle technological challenges faced by African countries
  • Bringing environmentally responsible, energy efficient and sustainable economic investment opportunities

African Development Organization aim to achieve these objectives

  • By creating and strengthening Relationship between African countries, India and Japan
  • By creating an empowerment based Mechanism of engagement that opens up new socio-economic opportunities for Africa
  • By Executing projects that create values and share values


Working towards a mission of establishing an Alternative Development Model (ADM) framework that will provide a platform to share knowledge, expertise, technology and resources for African countries. AFDO aims to promote a sustainable and empowerment-based socio-economic global framework which will tackle multiple socio-economic challenges faced by African people.


African Development Organization (AFDO) is an initiative of Alternative Development Organization (ADO) for promoting people to people partnership between people of Africa to the rest of the world.

Global Blockchain Organization (GBO)

We envisages blockchain as the empowering backbone of the new Alternative Development Model (ADM) framework, therefore, have created the Global Blockchain Organization (GBO)- an organization that will bring together Governments, Corporations, Blockchain Industry Experts, Blockchain Associations and other stakeholders that will shape the future of the blockchain through process, regulation and universal compliance towards Blockchain for Humanity.

Objectives of GBO

The objectives of the Global Blockchain Organization are to provide:

  • Educating key stakeholders across the board and at anylevel updating the public with changes in practice.
  • The development of well-functioning Blockchain system.
  • Established common standards in areas of the legislative,regulatory and application process.
  • Model regulations to help advise Govt and International bodies on how to govern use of blockchain technologies.
  • Networking between industry professionals and leading entities.
  • Creating Knowledge basedaround Blockchain Training and Certification.
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GBO will work towards the mission of simplifying and enhancing the adoption and proper utilization of blockchain technologies in ADM compliant applications including but not limited to Governance, Education, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Finance and Energy. This will empower Governments and Businesses across the world to have access to decentralized, democratized and collaborative system towards a new techno-economic order.

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